Kinesiology targets the Stress Response & uses muscle testing to discover what is the underlying stress, which may be conscious or unconscious. By dissolving the underlying stress creating the disharmony, this allows your brain, body and energy to shift to right mode & mindset so that you can feel inspired and feel in flow on the daily.

We believe stress is the most under-addressed area in health, relationships & performance & once you have tried Kinesiology with us, you will understand the power of what alignment & true stress management can do for you! 

You will receive the benefits over and over in terms of improved energy, presence, motivation & mindset. We can get to what is unconscious as well – which is most often what is keeping us stuck and confused.

Areas we can help you with include: 

  • Relationships & Love
  • Mindset & Motivation
  • Mental Health
  • Health & Fertility
  • Career, Business & Money Mindset


Rachel Smith is the Founder of Core Kinesiology & Natural Therapies and a Kinesiologist, Coach & Teacher. Rachel helps clients personally and professionally find inner balance & alignment so that they can create their dream life and career. Rachel uses Kinesiology and integrated frameworks that accelerate growth and development out of overwhelm and stuckness, so you can find inner balance, joy & fulfilment long term and permanently to support reaching all your goals.

If you can only manage your stress by avoiding the following (even if this appears functional for now):

  • Criticism by pleasing everyone else 
  • Work or pressure
  • Relationships & connection
  • Commitments or responsibilities
  • Being still, slowing down or being present
  • Communication
  • Being honest; or
  • Any oth­­er kind of perceived exposure or vulnerability 

We believe that everyone should have a regular Kinesiology practice and the benefits for your health, relationships and career are endless.

Rachel qualifications include

  • Honours Degree in Psychology (Macquarie University)
  • Diploma of Kinesiology
  • Diploma of Mind-Body Medicine
  • Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching (500 hours) (Australian Yoga Academy, Melbourne)
  • Reiki Level 3a (Usui)

Personally, Kinesiology has empowered Rachel to overcome many long-term conscious and unconscious patterns, which had negative effects on many of her life including stress, health (immunity, digestion, fatigue), performance and choices in any relationships.

Rachel is inspired to help as many people as possible discover inner balance as the only way to truly take control of your health & how you feel so you can create a life you would love (& don’t need to escape from). 


Core Kinesiology & Natural Therapies is located in Sydney CBD, also available over Skype.

To read more about Kinesiology click here What is Kinesiology.

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