Hi there, I’m Rachel

I help ambitious business owners & professionals create & grow their dream life from the inside out.


Many of my clients are already successful professionals & business owners and they are either ready to build their next level of aligned success, freedom and impact or are at a cross-roads in terms of life direction & purpose. Like you, they value growth, love & connection & have big dreams in terms of how to show up in the world & make a difference in an authentic way for themselves and others. 

If you are at a point of stuck-ness, confusion, overwhelm or even shit show mode, I can show you how to re-establish greater flow, find clarity again, strengthen your energy and build the missing mindset and brain management skills you need to feel better, calmer, more fulfilled & confident so you can navigate growth and changes with clarity and ease, in your personal and professional life. 

Using a complete model of inner balance, I can support you to build permanent empowering changes so you no longer feel held back by others, your past or your circumstances, so you can thrive in all areas of your life & make the right decisions you need to.

Before the potential for every big up level, it is so normal to feel temporarily confused, stagnant and perhaps a sense of overwhelm, emptiness & often burn out in one or more areas of your life. There could also be a sense you’re at a cross-roads as you sense something is missing or potentially in opportunity overwhelm with the next steps available to you. 

Many years as a Kinesiologist & a Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner have shown me all of these feelings are normal & a healthy temporary part of change, however humans can be extremely advanced at ignoring and repressing these feelings & insights & then get stuck in loops playing small & not being the best version of themselves. The only constant in life will be change & you may as well be in the driving seat of organising & designing your life, rather than reacting to or operating on auto-pilot & always kicking back in that comfy zone.

Confusion, survival mode or stagnation is often where I initially meet my clients and rewriting the past and the future becomes part of the process we use to support you getting out of your own way so you can create inspired change & have the freedom, success and impact in the world you know you were meant for.  

Why see me? I’ll tip a lot of the confusion taught at mass on its head so that you can get the lasting health, happiness & results you want faster.

Ready to build your dream future now? Email support@corekinesiology.com.au & let’s get started.  

Rachel’s qualifications include a Hons in Psychology (Macquarie University), Dip Kinesiology, Dip MBM, Adv Dip in Yoga Teacher Training (AYA Melbourne) & Usui Reiki Level 3A.