Are you ready to take your performance to the next level?

Increasing demands & intense competing pressures and commitments, can quickly lead to maxing out on brain power and energy to meet our challenges effectively, with clarity and confidence.

Investing in effective Stress Management is one of the most under-recognised ways to optimise workplace performance.

When we are in alarm phase or depletion stage of stress, it can be increasingly difficult to be creative, innovate, solve complex problems, be decisive & to be able to access logic, reasoning and clarity, especially when we need it most.

It can also be very easy to let distress hijack our brain consciously or subconsciously.

Signs your stress is controlling you and limiting your potential in your work:

  • Procrastination & paralysis
  • Confusion & overwhelm
  • Negativity, frustration & nervous tension
  • Anti-social behaviours, such as being defensive, stone walling or challenges with managing others’ egos
  • Difficulty connecting, communicating and negotiating with others
  • Not feeling fulfilled or inspired
  • Low motivation and fatigue
  • Difficulty navigating career or business transitions or changes


What is stress costing you’re in your business or career?

Staying stuck is expensive business, not to mention extremely unfulfilling & low in joy.

This can have a snow ball effect as positive mood in your team or business can have many direct and indirect consequences on your ability to stay focused, consistent, effective and IN FLOW reaching the next level in your career or business.

In addition, staying in balance, optimistic and open at work, even under significant stress is one of the key markers of outstanding leadership & this can have a ripple down effect in all organisations & with your clients.

What most people don’t realise is, that there are solutions to your stress that also involve creating permanent changes which are stable irrespective of being exposed to your standard triggers, a high work load or difficult personalities in your workplace.

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