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What is Ineffective Stress Management Costing You?

What most people don’t realise is that the #1 factor that drains most people’s energy is how present they are & how they think & feel through the effect of stress on the body. Since most try to solve fatigue by focusing on their physical activity levels, diet or avoiding effort, they never solve their fatigue and associated health issues permanently & waste a lot of time & even more energy they don’t have, that again creates another stress loop.

The truth is that fatigue often represents a third stage of stress of depletion where the body has been in fight / flight or compensating for too long and no longer has the resources to support optimal function, growth or repair. In a depleted stage of stress, many chronic health issues can surface with increased inflammation & ageing processes in the body, as well as the activation of unwanted gene expressions.

When the body is under stress, there is a compromised ability to recover as the nervous system puts the breaks on the growth, healing and repair systems on the body as there is inadequate resources to go around. Since much of what triggers a survival state in the body for most people these days, relates to mental or emotional threats (which can include memories), this is often the area that needs the most attention in order to create permanent and consistent changes & support health and recovery long term.

Poor Health Impacts Our Relationships & Connection with Ourselves 

Having terrible energy levels & health affects our mood, our ability to connect with others & it’s hard to sometimes even feel like ourselves if we are so low on batteries. When we don’t have the energy to do what we love or what would be fulfilling, this can be very depressing, especially if we begin to feel anxious about doing anything that requires exerting any effort.

Socially low energy levels can also put a lot of pressure on relationships as we might increase displays of irritability, impatience, feeling sensitive, dismissive, defensive or reactive & begin to withdraw in attempt to “save” energy. Professionally, poor health & energy can creates additional layers of stress in the workplace as in addition to creating likely hurdles at times in wanting to connect with others, it can impact your cognitive and executive functions and not have the same confidence with decision making, reasoning and clarity of thinking & often can experience poor memory when our health is suffering.

When we cant solve our own problems, this can naturally become quite stressful and alarming & this can all become even harder if the poor health is leaving you feeling uninspired, flat and unmotivated. From this place, it can become increasingly hard to find alignment with and then have the will power to make changes you know you need to.

Stress Impacts Digestion, Pain, Hormonal Balance & Immunity 

Different stages of stress have different short term and long term consequences on the health of your mind and body, which is why it is so important to ensure that you have a strong foundation & know how to truly manage your stress effectively, rather than just avoid it.

In Kinesiology sessions, we ensure that we focus on creating greater & greater levels of permanent balance to support long term changes in how you think, feel and your habits, consciously and unconsciously. Since disharmony in the mind (from the past, present and future), imprints on the body, this supports creating permanent changes in your overall health as this frees up more and more of your inner resources to focus on health rather than managing real or imagined “threats”.

Everybody knows someone who has been effected by poor health and seen first hand the devastating effects that this can have on their life. Unfortunately many people only being to address health concerns when they are in a third stage of stress and their body is screaming or when it begins to effect areas of their life that are important to them (such as their relationships, fertility or career).

Your Key to Health – Creating Inner Balance & Dialling Down Your Stress Response

Fatigue, toxicity and imbalances may show up in the body as

  • Insomnia
  • Autoimmunity
  • Weight Management Difficulties
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Digestive issues
  • Poor Immunity
  • Adrenal Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue
  • Menstrual Irregularities
  • Organ dysfunction
  • Infertility


Physiologically your body can’t both be in survival or a stressed out state all the time & be able to heal, regenerate & build health.

Over time this has considerable effects on the health of your body & the further you progress through stages of stress the more challenging it can be to recover.

Whilst many can relate to being overly stressed or overwhelmed and it’s very common these days, many people do not truly know how to find inner balance and dissolve stress from within.

Since the mind and body are not separate, there is often valuable hidden messages in how & why our symptoms display and express, if you listen.

Support Your Return to Wellness Using True Stress Management Strategies

Using Kinesiology we can identify conscious and unconscious stress that is draining your body’s health and energy using muscle monitoring; as well as guide you on how to implement truly effective strategies of dissolving stress, rather than just managing or avoiding effort and exertion.

When there are imbalances or disharmony in your life, these can show up as signals (or big flares) in our body. Imbalances in our mind, body and life, mutually imprint & reflect one another as the body has an amazing feedback mechanism that highlights when parts of our self or our life are out of alignment.

If you can’t fully relax in your own body then your body can’t repair, digest and regenerate cells needed for healing and repair. You also might not have enough energy in the body to perform all important functions for feeling or performing your best, let alone healing and repair.

Excessive nervous tension and arousal in the body depletes our resources and the ability of the body to work in balance & harmony to support an accelerated recovery.

When recovering from major or chronic illness, especially if it has been a shock or something unexpected, trying your best not to think of all possible outcomes and re-occurrences can feel overwhelming. Overcoming feeling betrayed by your body or your mind can be another factors that impairs returning to wellness faster.

Inner conflict has the potential to create an additional spiral of compromised health from our perceptions, when there is a sense of feeling hopeless, powerless or panicked, if we don’t trust our body and its ability to support, re-strengthen & heal.

Feel Peace & Harmony From the Inside Out  


To ignore the role of stress & imbalances in contributing to, creating or accelerating symptoms or disease in your body, would be to rob yourself of finding the health & wellness you seek faster.


Ignoring how our mind affects your body and vice versa is to try to solve your problems with incomplete information and within a more limited range of awareness.


Regulating your stress response and boosting your resilience to stress & pressures may be the missing piece in full rebound & recovery from health issues. If your nervous system is out of balance, it is near impossible to find optimal health and wellness for you to heal and repair healthy in the short and long term.

Sometimes when we have felt out of whack for so long, the “new norm” is very substandard version compared to when we feel animated, inspired vibrant and full of vitality.


Vibrant and radiant and energy is possible for you too, even if this is something you don’t feel you have ever experienced.


If you can truly master your conscious and unconscious perceptions of stress and find balance & alignment within, you will have greater possibility of experiencing the following:

  • Healthy digestion, detox & elimination
  • Deep and proper breathing
  • Efficient energy production
  • Fired up metabolism (weight management)
  • Feel fresh & spritely in the morning
  • Fall asleep fast and sleep more deeply
  • Strong immunity
  • Reduced pain, headaches & tension
  • Feel inspired & radiant

Feel Younger & More Energised Even As You Age

Since the nervous system innervates & connects with all organ function in the body, it is very important to also regulate your nervous system so that you can dive underneath the switch board to harmonise what is not in balance.

Often the most overlooked factor in health is stress and your conscious and unconscious stress response in your body. In particular, the effect of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours have a powerful effect on the function of your nervous system, which is  “the master controller” of your body.

How you think, feel and behave also plays a role in a decreasing or increasing inflammatory states in the body & your ability to repair and heal.


Kinesiology is all about supporting you to create your best energy state and from this all bodily functions re-balance, repair & support you.


Whilst stress & it’s management is referred to in all models health & disease prevention, very few people, including health professionals, know how to truly dissolve stress, aside from avoiding or “coping”.

Feeling average all of the time gets in the way of living a life you love with the people you love. Let us show you how you can truly be in control of how you feel, so you feel younger & more vibrant as you age.




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