• Do you have a fear of failure thats sparking work performance anxiety?
  • Do you sometimes put the brakes on your own success?
  • Are you feeling stuck with resisting moving forward or letting go?
  • Are you a creative and feeling blocked or stuck?
  • Are you feeling burned out or overwhelmed and your performance is suffering?
  • Is your career putting a squeeze on your personal life and freedom you always dreamed of creating?
  • Does it feel impossible to stop the procrastination & avoidance cycle?
  • Do you fear receiving or outshining others?
  • Are you frustrated with yourself as you know you have so much more to offer?
  • Have you been plateauing for a while and ready for a big up-level?
  • Are you an entrepreneur struggling to get your business moving forward?
  • Have you lost clarity with direction on your path?
  • Do you have difficulty trusting yourself which puts you into paralysis mode?

Having excessive pressures, high expectations or demands can cause excess stress and anxiety that overloads our brain. When the survival centres begin to switch on at work, this can inhibit our clarity of thinking, reasoning abilities and decision making.

It can become increasingly hard for our brain to function and to achieve goals if you can’t stay focused, present and motivated. What can be an added layer of stress is that often when under pressure we can close down socially and become short fused, irritable, distant and defensive with others.

Since work usually involves other people, make sure you can find balance within, will help significantly with dynamics at work, whether this is your team, your boss or your clients.  If there is workplace stress and disharmony between employees, this will effect yours and others productivity and your ability to reach your goals.

Ensuring you are balanced within, is important for being provided with new opportunities, whether this is new clients, a promotion or position change. If you feel anxious and stressed out it, is more challenging to trust yourself & make the most empowering decisions for you.

Under stress, limiting beliefs such as believing “your not enough” often come out to play. Everyone has seen the employees that succeed based on personal inner confidence rather than hard work. What if you could achieve inspired excellence in your work but also feel you don’t have to constantly over-deliver just to keep your head above water?

Imagine what might be possible if you could release responsibility for others, and just focus on your own priorities and goals, rather than supporting everyone else.

Kinesiology is excellent for toning down the survival parts of our brain, to ensure that we are poised, balanced and focused at work. Not being at your best can put a drain on your time, energy and resources, especially if you are possibly investing time moving in the wrong direction and missing opportunities right before your eyes.

Most importantly, if you can find greater balance within, you will be able to truly identify how you feel about yourself, your position and others in your workplace, business or team. With a stronger connection to you, you will discover greater confidence, fulfilment & authenticity so you can fully own your worth professionally & show up feeling fully present, inspired & connected to how your work serves others and you.

If you know you’re not at your best, it can be difficult to fully enjoy what you’re doing & feel fulfilled. It is then also easy to fall into the toxic cycles of feeling like you can’t afford to slow down, especially when you might even feel like your moving backwards or others might be getting “ahead” if you do.

What if you could reach your goals, with less forcing, effort and over-thinking?

Staying stuck in overwhelm and not addressing emotional stress can chip away further at your confidence. This can have both short term and long term consequences for your goals and getting to where you want to go.

Even if your physical health & wellness is not important to you, if your body is not functioning optimally, your performance will suffer as your ability to thinking clearly & connect to & relate to others will be compromised.

Most importantly, it’s likely too much stress at work or professionally, is having a knock-on effect in other areas of your life where you can’t fully enjoy the freedom you have been working so hard to achieve, which always feels just out of reach.

How fulfilled you feel in your work, can be very important for your overall sense of self-worth and happiness. Owning your worth and coming from a place of inner balance is so important for navigating next steps with opportunities, especially if you are under time pressure to escape from your current workplace.

Although self-esteem, confidence and self-worth are unseen factors, they are often just as important. How you view yourself and your work relates to having the courage to ask for and receiving your ideal remuneration & pricing, to fully own your worth in your work.

Addressing imbalanced feelings and perceptions will help you to move into inspired flow where you can set, achieve and conquer your goals faster.

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