Adrenal Fatigue: How Running on Adrenaline Impacts Your Health

Are you running on adrenaline? Do you feel like you could crash and burn at any second?

Surprisingly, your body can become addicted to adrenaline. And some people love the rush – whether they are aware of it or not. These individuals frequently have high-pressure jobs or lives. The constant stress keeps them going. It becomes their new normal.

But perhaps you don’t want it to be your normal. Or you feel you don’t have time to slow down. You have too many responsibilities, obligations, and commitments. You might feel frustrated – or ridden with anxiety. You find your mood has changed. And you can’t seem to break out of the loop. So, what’s going on?

Adrenaline is familiar. Your body gets used to it. And anything besides that is uncomfortable. Change, in general, is uncomfortable. It’s a risk – and it feels dangerous.

This familiar feeling gives you the illusion of safety. It’s predictable. You know it well. But the familiar isn’t always healthy or safe.

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue refers to negative health effects – such as disease – caused by an increased output of adrenaline. This surge of adrenaline can become mentally and emotionally taxing. In other words, it exhausts you which may lead to detrimental health consequences. Mentally, you may face serious anxiety and depression. Physically, your immune system may become suppressed.

How the Adrenaline Loop Starts, Stays, and Grows

Unconsciously, you become addicted to a particular baseline of chemical cocktails in your blood. It becomes your normal. Your stress hormones, including adrenaline, influence this chemical cocktail.

When you’re stressed, these hormones are produced and circulated in your blood. As aforementioned, since the adrenaline feels familiar, it can feel “safe.” However, it is not necessarily healthy.

Similar to drugs, you can also develop a tolerance to adrenaline. As your tolerance grows so does the need for more adrenaline. This means that in order to feel the same rush, you need more adrenaline.

For people with significant emotional distress about the present, past or future events – or other personal insecurities, such as low self-esteem or confidence – focusing on adrenaline elevating activities can become addictive. It feels better than the alternative state of “being.” Instead of focusing on yourself, you focus on the constant pressure of “doing.” It sets you up in an external orientation. In other words, it distracts you from yourself. It’s no wonder people often become lost and confused.

But how do you get caught in this adrenaline loop?

The inability to take your intensity down a notch and a lack of coping skills lead to a never-ending adrenaline loop. And it might not only be caused by activities you partake in. Your self awareness and your conscious and unconscious perceptions play a bigger role than you think.

Adrenaline Living Comes From Your Perceptions

Adrenaline levels can surge from perceived threats. After all, it is part of the fight or flight system (also known as the human survival mode).

If you feel rage, anger, irritability, fear, or feelings of wanting to escape, your adrenaline levels spike. If there is a lot of perceived stress around pressures, obligations, and commitments, your adrenaline levels remain high. And you might feel, consciously or unconsciously, the following disempowering beliefs:

  • It’s not safe to do nothing
  • It’s not safe to be still
  • It’s not safe for life to be easy
  • It’s not safe for life to flow
  • It’s not safe to make money easily
  • It’s not safe to put me first
  • It’s not safe to be out of debt

You might feel trapped as you get caught in a never-ending adrenaline loop. And thus, you feel exhausted. Your health and energy levels take a dive for the worst as you believe the only way to reduce overwhelm or stress is to avoid the trigger – which might just look like completing whatever is next on the “to do” list.

But you can stop this cycle. You can unlearn these perceptions and habits. You can expose the lies that create the adrenaline junky in you. By doing so, you can feel more present, more strong, and more inspired. You can gain satisfaction from “being” as well as “doing.” In turn, you actually get more done doing less and being more effective.

“Being” refers to the right here and right now. It means you choose and truly enjoy life’s challenges. It’s the opposite of the temporary relief awarded by external recognition, money, or status. You can be even more successful and prosperous in all areas of your life without this imbalanced and desperate state.

How Can You Break Through The Adrenal Fatigue Loop?

It starts with alleviating stress in your life or workplace stress. Re-evaluate your perception. Why are you stressed out? Are there reasons you feel threatened or scared? What are they? What is the worst that can happen? The best? What can you actually control? Working through this and dissolving your stress allows the adrenals to take a load off. In other words, you move away from the fight or flight mode. The survival part of your brain shuts off. It gives you a break – or a breather per se.

Interestingly, the more stressed out you become, sometimes the less aware you are of the true cause of the stress. It becomes buried as you are not as present as you could be.

By resetting your adrenals and adopting some “corrective” or more empowering beliefs, you open new doors that allow you to tap into a more inspired motivation – a motivation that comes solely from within. It further allows you to access more energy – and it feels effortless. A reset for permanent enduring change does not simply mean rest. It means changing the true underlying source of the stress that is causing the disempowering or unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and habits.

Sounds great – doesn’t it?

No one will have to hold the carrot out for you to go after. You’re motivated anyway. When in balance, there are internal forces that will effortlessly drive you. You have an inner sense of freedom and inspiration. With this, comes the potential to have true choice. You can be authentic. You’re free to be you.

Kinesiology allows you to access your core self. It enables you to reach into the unconscious part of your brain that drives excessive hyperactivity or mania when you feel under threat. You may have lost touch with what you feel and why you feel a certain way. It makes it difficult to make the right decision.

Let us help you improve your health and your life. Watch your performance and mood soar. It might feel uncomfortable at first – but down the road, you’ll be so grateful you committed to this investment in yourself. Book your appointment with us today.

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