Fertility: Be Ready Before Your Ready with Kinesiology 

Considering starting or growing your family is such an exciting time.

Decisions around trying for a baby can effect our plans in all areas of our life. Like with any goal, it’s wise to ensure well before, that your mind and body & any other “dependables” are healthy and in balance to ensure that this is most likely to be a smooth process.

Many people put effort into ensuring the house and work arrangements are in place before the conception journey begins, but many don’t ensure they put as much effort into the first environment that the baby lives in.

Ensuring as the mother are strong, healthy and balanced environment for you and your future baby, will pay back in many dividends as fertility processes can effect all areas of your life. If you don’t have the fantasy fertility experience everyone hopes for when they are planning, this can quick turn into a nightmare.


If Your Body Doesn’t Support your Plans, this can Create a lot of Stress

Disappointments and let downs in the process can create a lot of stress around grief and “what ifs”. Since success might be right around the corner, many don’t seek help until a considerable time has lapsed and there is already significant distress.

Believing that you could possibly be pregnant 50% of the time whilst trying to conceive, can be quite testing on our emotional health as sometimes nothing in life is harder than waiting.

As with any concern, avoidance of addressing the underlying causes of stress is going to create greater imbalance and stress long term.

In particular, with health concerns you also want to have enough lead time to heal and repair before you move into building up your optimal health, rather than just having the “bare minimum” health required to support a happy healthy pregnancy for you and the baby.

On top of stress around not falling or staying pregnant as fast as you expected, other related stress can be brought online including concerns around

  • Career
  • Family relationships
  • Our own parent relationships
  • Finances
  • Life direction & fulfilment
  • Feeling alone and unsupported
  • Social relationships
  • & most importantly our relationship with our partner


As always, we recommend using Kinesiology as your “go-to” as and when stress around the above arises to ensure that you understand the underlying causes of the stress & resolve it most effectively.


Signals That Can Hold Up the Baby Making

When your body is out of balance, there is symptoms that will display to show you that part of you needs attention. Symptoms and conditions that will all effect fertility can often be balanced well in advance of getting serious about starting or growing your family further. Some of the red flags that can interfere with fertility include:

  • Digestive health
  • Hormonal balance
  • Menstrual irregularity
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety, Depression and other mood concerns
  • Stress and overwhelm
  • Insomnia
  • Thyroid or adrenal dysfunction
  • Auto-immunity

In particular, when overwhelmed or stressed, this tones down reproductive function/ From a survival point of view, this is a time to fight, flight and flee, rather than reproduce. Essentially, your body believes you’re not safe to have a baby. Even if this relates to perceptions rather than reality, your body & your cells don’t know the difference between imagined and reality & treat real and imagined stress as the same.

Since the mind and body are not separate, any added emotional stress associated with trying to stay and fall pregnant will also tone down reproductive function indirectly through dampening our body’s ability to function optimally.

As and when the above arises, regular kinesiology sessions can support you in harmonising the nervous system and addressing what is underlying any of the above concerns.

There is many “lead up” symptoms that display in your body through chronic disease before the big hoorah if we do become unwell. Signs and symptoms such as feeling hot or cold, water intake and muscle states all give important information and warning signs, if we listen.


Physical and Emotional Symptoms Both Can Hold you Back With Fertility in the Future

Whilst many physical symptoms are common, they are definitely not normal or healthy, even if there is a family pattern. Since many chronic illnesses and disease relate to stress, to reduce risk for the same genetic expressions, it’s important that disempowering family beliefs that are the underlying causes of stress are balanced so your health doesn’t necessarily follow the same pathway as your parents.

It is also a great opportunity to break family cycles in parenting or particular styles of love and connection (or lack of love and connection) & create balance from within to hand down & role-model to your growing family. Your capability to form strong bonds with others, including your children and partner, particularly under pressure, will be in direct proportion to the quality of the connection you have within you (with yourself).

This is not only important for creating a life you love for you and your family, but it also has significant health benefits in the body to optimising wellness. In particular, ensuring that the underlying causes of emotional stress are truly dissolved, will ensure optimal autonomic function in your body, which will effect all areas of getting healthy and staying healthy, including digestion, energy levels and hormonal balance.

Repairing and readjusting long term health concerns can take time, so making sure that you have this “house” in order before you really need it, can relieve a lot of potential stress in the future.

Most importantly this ensures the best outcomes for you and your family during and following pregnancy.


Physical Health & Wellness Effects Many Factors Post Natal & Beyond

Post-natal depression, stress and anxiety is an experience that effects many. With all the physiological and lifestyle changes, it’s not surprising biologically and physiologically that many underlying emotional concerns can then be exposed when one is operating on little to no sleep & there is many other changes.

Preparing for the next chapter of a growing family is an idyllic time to press pause and reset any imbalances within the underlying stress patterns in your life that really don’t want to go into the next phase with.

Being the best version of you as a parent can sometimes inspire the best self-care practices as we want nothing but the best for our babies.

That love, care and connection you can feel in relation to a future baby that doesn’t exist, is a feeling that you should be able to create towards yourself in the now.

Make sure that you’re in top gear with health and wellness is so important for what lies beyond with the arrival of your baby. Staying healthy & balanced within, will ensure smooth transitions with other relationships in your life at this time, which can all be under strain when you can no longer give others & yourself the same undivided attention as before.


To Make Sure Your Body’s Baby Ready It’s to Best to Invest In Your Health Now

If having babies is something that you would love to do in your life, creating balance in your mind and body now is the best time, even if it feels too soon.

Your reproductive health should be reflective of your overall health, so facing rather than avoiding will make sure you don’t have to put your life on hold as you address concerns that existed many years before.

This doesn’t necessarily relate to physical concerns that impact reproductive success, but emotional stress that is just as likely to reduce your body’s ability to know it’s “safe” to have a baby.

It’s never to early to start “nesting” with your health and getting your body & mind “baby ready”. If this is sooner rather than later, we recommend spending time balancing your body 6-12 months prior to “officially” starting, however of course there should never be any delay in your prioritising you and you health now simply for you, because you deserve the upgrade!



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