Putting Out Inflammation in the Mind & Body

Chronic low grade inflammation is involved in most chronic health diseases. Inflammation is a normal helpful response in the body to injury or infection. As part of the immune system, the inflammation response functions to protect you from threat (inside and outside of your body). Since the inflammation relates to a form of threat detection in the body, often how one system is functioning will effect how the other system is operating. In addition, the adrenals the “stress management organ” play a big role in regulating inflammation states in the body.

As Kinesiologists, we are all about reducing the survival state in the body, which includes toning down the nervous system survival state so the body can rebuild, repair and heal optimally.  If you over-engage your stress response for too long, even if it is at “low levels” or you beleive “you will be fine”, this can lead to a constant chronic state of inflammation in the mind and body as you believe that you might be under attack.

Symptoms related to inflammation in your body might include fatigue, digestive discomfort, pain, hormonal imbalance (thyroid, adrenals, menstrual irregularity), fertility issues, blood sugar dys-regulation; and memory, cognitive or learning difficulties, including brain fog.

Since your nervous system is so interested in protecting you, the threat detectors in your nervous system can increase their detection ability over time & start to function in a hyper-vigelent way. Sometimes they can become hyper sensitive (perceiving threat that is not likely to be there). Having a a super sensitive nervous system is helpful in a survival situation, however for every day life it can not sustain health long term & is excellent for accelerating and maintaining disease states in the body.

Just like with anxiety, an inflammation state can become chronic if your body perceives or misperceives you are always in danger. Danger that triggers an inflammation response may include any kind of stress that throws systems out of balance, such as:

  • Toxicity
  • Infections
  • Injury
  • How you think, feel and behave

In our observations as Kinesiologists, how you think, feel and behave is the most over looked and often a missing piece in many client’s health puzzle when they first come to our clinic.

Reasons people might perceive danger, might relate to how they feel about themselves if they experience the following as examples.

  • relationship break downs
  • unexpected changes
  • losing competitions
  • conflict with others

How you Think, Feel & Behave and Inflammation 

One common remedy for many diseases includes substances that reduce inflammation in the body temporarily (e.g., corticosteroid cream for skin, cortisone injections for joints). Whilst these can be very helpful in the short term, especially in emergencies, they do have the potential to cause side effects or imbalances elsewhere to mask one problem. Often this doesn’t solve the underlying or bigger issue of the body not being able to use its inflammation response appropriately when needed.

This is likely to be due to the overall health state of the body (current and in the past) and often relates to being in a second or third stage of stress. When your body is depleted, you don’t have enough energy or Qi to power normal and healthy protective processes in the body, which includes immunity and healthy inflammation responses in the body.

Inflammation & Running Out of Batteries

Illness and disease doesn’t have to be a product of “getting older”. Your health or disease state don’t necessarily relate to chronological age and there is so much you can do to build health rather than disease in your body, which will defy what is normalised socially as “ageing”.

In spite of increased access to information and awareness, the modern intensity of living often creates an imbalance between the accelerator and the break in our life. If you carry around a lot of emotional baggage about the past or intense fears for the future, you are spiking your alarm system more often than not, and this can be conscious and unconscious.

Even if it is subtle but chronic, there is a huge opportunity here to free up your internal resources to build health rather than be used up to attend to imagined threats or ruminating on replays of danger in the past.

In this way, your ability to be truly present (not “pretend” present), can represent your energy state in the body & your ability to repair chronic inflammation states in the body and engage appropriate inflammation processes when needed.

Most of what triggers our alarm system & drains our battery or energy is unconscious. This is why Kinesiology is such a great tool for finding information so that you can dissolve stress permanently and rebuild health.

Are Your Thoughts Increasing Inflammation In Your Body?

The chemical constituents of inflammation for biological or physiological functions in your body has a very similar make up to the biochemical cascade involved in anxiety and depression. That is, a “mood state” can effect inflammation in your body.

Like any workforce where there is limited resources to manage work flow if your busy trying to cool of your emotions or perceptions in the body, there is few resources left over to fight physiological and biological stress, such as infection, toxicity & overall extra support required through demanding periods to meet your metabolic needs.

Whilst all functions and systems in your body connect, an important part of your body’s workforce is your adrenals. The adrenals are a key organ that have the post of reducing inflammation in the body. The adrenals sit on top of the kidneys and release cortisol and other important agents in managing health and inflammation in the body.

Your body, and your adrenals in particular, have a particular bandwidth or capability to manage inflammation in the body. If this is consumed before 9am with your general baseline of feeling stressed about the past, present or future; your body can’t engage it’s innate ability to put out fires in the body and heal itself as it’s attending to the fire in your mind.

Even if you are not emotionally stressed, if you are busy or under a lot of pressure, it can be a generalised “wired but tired” feeling. Nonetheless, this doesn’t help with switching off the accelerator side of your nervous system which reduces the opportunity for healing, growth and repair in the body.

When Play or Rest is More Stressful than “Doing”

This is not a simple rest/ activity equation as much of what may be considered stress relates to a person’s perception of past, present and future in relation to self, world and other.  So if you simply rest, there is a possibility that someone has more opportunity to build a stronger repoire with distorted harmful perceptions or disempowering beliefs that create more internal inflammation and stress.

Does this mean that you should stay active to avoid or distract yourself? Unless you would like to grow some strong mental or emotional instability, no. Whilst attending to uncomfortable (not dangerous!) feelings, thoughts and emotions might be unpleasant in the short term, they are actually here to serve you so you can build your health long term.

By using Kinesiology to help to decode the messages in your symptoms and how you feel, you can rebalance your body permanently so you can move back on the road to wellness faster.

Kinesiology Supports Adrenal Function to Help Put Out Fires

Because Kinesiology is all about balancing perceptions, the nervous system and adrenal function, this is a key pathway through which Kinesiology creates changes in health for our clients. By changing conscious and repressed perceptions, you support adrenal function which optimising your overall health and ability to reduce inflammation in the body.

Kinesiology also has specific methods of targeting the adrenals or other organs in the body that might be placing pressure on the adrenals and depleting their function.

Key disempowering beliefs & patterns that create excessive inflammation in the body include:

  • Believing its not safe to slow down
  • Difficulty nurturing self
  • Feeling under constant attack
  • Believing in a constant and escalating “no pain, no gain” philosophy
  • Feeling stuck & trapped

Using Kinesiology we can identify your unique stress, which is often unconscious or repressed, and find out your unique pathway back to health.

What Can Increased Inflammation in your Body look like?

  • Weight gain or difficulty losing weight
  • Skin concerns
  • Pain
  • Digestive complaints
  • Immune suppression
  • Auto-immunity
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Menstrual Irregularity
  • Infertility
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Poor detox ability­ & More

Even if you think you are good at “forgetting”, ignoring or burying your stress, it is likely this will pop up expressed in your body eventually as you cant over-ride the effect that this will have on inflammation & disease processes in your body.  Kinesiology helps us to get the stress and inflammation out of the body permanently so that you can rebuild health in your body.

The Fight or Flight Reflex and Inflammation

What activates or exhausts inflammation very fast in the body? Our fight or flight reflex. Our fight /flight reflex mobilises the survival state or hyperarousal in the body which can include:

  • Sweating
  • Muscle Tension
  • Increased heart rate
  • Dry mouth
  • Impaired digestion
  • Anxiety
  • Blood sugar dys-regulation
  • Weakened Bladder function
  • Shortness of Breath or hyperventilation
  • Confused thinking
  • Poor memory

A stress response can also be activated through other stresses, such as physical trauma or biochemical stress such as diet changes, malnutrition, infection or toxicity. Sometimes it can be an unexpected change or loss too such as relationship break down, death or life stage change.

This stress response can’t be avoided if the danger is really within us in our memories, beliefs and perceptions about self and others, so there is many pathways in which Kinesiology should be no 1 in your health and self-care program.

If you would like to book in for a Kinesiology appointment, please get in touch over here today.

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