Kinesiology Support with Depression

Would you like to let go of depression? Using Kinesiology to communicate with your body helps you to understand and dissolve the limiting beliefs and the sources of your stress and emotional imbalances. It also allows you to navigate and understand the warning signals as to what can create and maintain feeling depressed in the short and long term for you & what you can do to change.

The power that comes with clarity & understanding WHY you feel the way you do (hint – its not your boss, partner or your kids), allows you to break through old habitual perceptions and dissolve stress about the past, present and future, which are keeping you stuck. When feeling depressed it is often very important to release stuck emotions or negative energy around particular events or relationships, so that you can forgive, let go and move on.

People express feeling depressed in many different ways. For those that can access their inner experience more readily, they might feel a sense of feeling lost, worthlessness or perhaps report feeling a sense of being empty. Others might notice losing motivation, poor energy levels or feeling irritable or angry for no reason. All of these feelings are here to give you information to help you find inner peace and joy, if you’re ready to listen.

Kinesiology is all about supporting you to move forward, out of your head and bring all of you into present time to feel inner peace, love, gratitude and fulfilment. Kinesiology is unique in that muscle testing allows us to access what is conscious and unconscious or repressed for you, which allows your thoughts and heart to let go of the past or unhealthy perceptions, expectations and beliefs, and enjoy the present.

Since Depression often relates to a big repression of you being you and also repressed stress from the past, it is invaluable in accelerating your transformation to wellness faster.

Depression and Living in the Past

Often a key part of depressed mood is living in the past and not being able to let go of blaming ourselves or others for past events. Often the perception that causes a lot of pain is not true (a delusion), however the perception becomes like a weed and begins to create havoc in many areas of our life. Kinesiology helps our clients to identify what is going to be the priority focus to pull out the root of the weed, so that they can create space to build health again.

Often with intense emotions, there can be an underlying rigidity in thought patterns or beliefs, where something or someone is all positive or all negative. Sometimes these polarised perceptions and linked emotions can be firmly entrenched in the mind and body, so much so, they become automated & reflexive associations, used inappropriately to make predictions or assumptions about other times in the past, the present or even the future.

Even though the misperception is a stress we can not see, this can create many stresses we do see! When these misperceptions are then used to make assumptions about self, others and the future, these can lead to unhealthy relationships, poor communication, poor choices, an unhealthy relationship with money & many more unhealthy stressors which snowball.

Putting You First & Feeling the Guilts

As well as not feeling present, often with feeling sad, down or depressed, there is disempowering views of ourselves, the world and the future which reflect a sense of low self-worth or low self-value, which can show up as feeling excessively guilty.

Excessive guilt might show up in saying No to others, resigning from positions, ending relationships, starting new relationships or creating new healthy boundaries between yourself and others.

The degree to which one feels guilty in ones life can be a good barometer of self-worth or self-esteem. If one doesn’t believe that they deserve to live for themselves, there is limitless ways in which one can feel they should be doing everything but what they would prefer to be doing for themselves.

Sometimes such behaviours patterns based on guilt can appear to look like someone is very holy moly, kind and selfless, however it is important to make sure that these behaviours and choices are coming from a place of freedom, integrity and choice. Otherwise the person can be building up their low self-worth bank and become addicted to feeling valued from others to compensate for not finding this within.

Some “Personality” Types Are More Likely to Lead to Feeling Depressed 

Sometimes our habitual way of viewing the world or what is inside of us may be viewed as our “personality”. What is interesting is that our personality can change, or can express in different ways in different areas of our life. This suggests it is a description of current symptoms or behaviours, rather than always necessarily a healthy representation of our true self in it’s full expression.

Depression and feeling down can be linked to self esteem and confidence. Like our personality, since our level of self esteem or confidence is not fixed,  this can be built up, altered and repaired if it is not as strong as we would like it to be. It is very challenging to have healthy mood without a healthy view of one’s self (i.e., our self-esteem and confidence).

Kinesiology helps to rebuild self worth from within by dissolving stressful and unhealthy and perceptions of self, others and your future. Through the process of identifying what is driving your sense of low self worth or self value, specifically for you, you can gain power knowing why you feel the way you do, and how you can reclaim your self-worth and live more and more for you again.

This will give you wings to feel love and inspiration about who you are and the life you would like to create for yourself, not feeling like you “should” be living for others.

Feel “Full”  & Inspired Again From Within

Humans can be extremely elaborate in the conscious and unconscious strategies they put in place to avoid being aware of how they feel about themselves honestly. For example, some people must have high income, must strive and be workaholics and some people may never sit still & even become hyperactive.

Kinesiology helps to identify the unhelpful patterns that lead to feeling sad & also help us to figure out which decisions are “right” for us or coming from judgments or threat perception in our head.

This helps to detangle why we do what we do and make sure that decisions come from balance & authentic expression, rather than insecurity & what might be “right” for others.

Depression with Loss, Change & The Unexpected

Nothing in life is permanent so it is normal and natural to sometimes feel a sense of loss, sadness or like something is missing as we complete a phase of your life. Sometimes change are self-initiated and sometimes they are out of your control. Even those, within your control, such as ending a relationship, can create a deep sense of stress in the mind and body as you move into unfamiliar or unexpected territory.

If we did not receive this valuable signal it might be time for a change, we would feel increasingly stale, stagnant and bored. Picking up the signal can be increasingly difficult the busier we are, so Kinesiology is always a great way to stay accountable to you, so that you don’t get off track for too long, moving at full speed.

These temporary changes and emotions or feelings are information to guide us, and although possibly uncomfortable at times, the signals can be so valuable if we know how to decode the messages. In particular when life doesn’t “go to plan” with relationships this can create big shock waves through the mind and body if we hold on to unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others.

Sometimes through change, even if managing multiple “healthy” losses, the brain’s survival centres come online and try to put the breaks on. Kinesiology helps to support us in not only processing signals that create the change with and outside of us, but also supports us to stay present and calm through change as we become familiar with our new healthy inner and outer world.

Depression’s Close Friend Anger

Repressed anger often precedes depression or feeling down. Reasons people become angry can include that they believe the illusion that they are trapped, they are not communicating freely or they are allowing their thoughts (influenced by unhealthy threat perception) to alter their choices about what is and isn’t right for them.

We observe in Kinesiology sessions, that some clients can feel depressed when they are feeling stuck and stagnant in their life and things have not worked out how they feel it “should”. These roadblocks and disappointments can generate a sense of anger, rage or frustration as their plans are not materialising in spite of all their efforts, commitment and struggle.

Unfortunately what often looks like failure for the client is potentially a raging success, however they don’t realise because of a rigidity in perception. Through muscle testing perceptions around “crisis” events that look like failure, we can use Kinesiology to provide huge relief for client’s sooner rather than waiting five plus years to realise what they could be grateful for now.

On the other hand, sometimes life has gone “to plan” and you are ticking boxes, however you still feel flat, unfulfilled or worse. Although these achievements might bring temporary highs (or relief), it may generally feel unfulfilling in spite of following social “scripts”, perhaps being the image of their version of perfection or success and looking like we have our life “together”.

Over-time the long term, anger from feeling repressed, leads to stagnation in your mind and body, which leads to anger without enthusiasm = depression. This lack of enthusiasm might look like low motivation, fatigue, dread, moving slowly (or not being on the ball) or brain fog. Of course everyone experiences these states to different degrees and if we listen to our symptoms, we can make empowering changes to release the anger.

Kinesiology has many tools and strategies to support our mind and body tone down the anger and fight in the survival reflex in the brain and also support the mind and body to dissolve and let go of anger in all it’s different expressions.

Roadmap Back to Living & Thriving  

Often disempowering choices and our programming about what we “should” be doing, create a lack of freedom and a perceived sense that we are trapped.

Since us humans are extremely good at disconnecting from ourselves  to “cope” instead of processing our emotions, we can have a tendency to pack away our inconvenient or uncomfortable emotions, that might make us feel that we are vulnerable, weak or exposed. It can be like the lights are on, but no one is home.

The consequences of having a few decades of emotional baggage is that often what is influencing our behaviours, is outside of our awareness or buried under many layers. Kinesiology is really a non-negotiable detective tool to help you focus on what is the next priority focus for you in letting go of particular perceptions that might be deeply repressed or unconscious.

In some cases, very stressful events and what they mean to us, are pushed so far out of the memory bank that we truly can’t rationalise our current behaviours and don’t know why we are so reactive or sensitive around particular triggers. Kinesiology not only allows you to access what is the stress, but it includes many tools and techniques to support the body in processing stress from past events so your body and mind can come back into present time & feel energised & alive again.

How our Body’s Reflect What is Repressed

Our body’s are always working to provide feedback if we do repress what is true for us on the inside. Our body provides many forms of symptoms and feedback mechanisms to guide us back to being honest with ourselves.

Kinesiology can help you to strengthen your sense of self and feel poised and balanced through life’s changes, challenges and lessons, even in the extreme cases where you feel like someone set a bomb off in your life or the rug has been completely pulled from beneath you.

If you would like support in letting go of feeling depressed or maybe just not feeling yourself and in a funk,  please get in touch over here today and book in your Kinesiology consultation.

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