How Kinesiology Can Help You

“I will be forever grateful to Rachel for the guidance, support and inspiration that she has given to me. Rachel has helped me through my biggest personal challenges so far; losing my father to cancer, the infidelities of my husband and the ultimate breakdown of my marriage. When I found Rachel I was gripped by depression, anxiety and I was overwhelmed with and the new reality of being a single mummy of two young children.
Rachel has given me the tools to find the strength and courage to grow and thrive. I can now embrace life more present, happier, freer and more fulfilled than I ever could have imagined.”

Brooke, Divisional Manger, Financial Services


“Rachel is a dedicated, intelligent, sensitive and focussed health professional who has put a lot of effort into my sessions. Kinesiology has helped improve my health and has greatly assisted my emotional resilience, particularly at work. Partnering with Rachel has inspired me to continue to create improvements & make positive empowering changes in my life to achieve my goals.”

Sandy Thompson

When I met Rachel I was at the lowest deepest darkest point of my life.  I had been dealing with multiple chronic digestive health issues, relationship issues and a dark depression that I couldn’t get myself out of.  I was ready to start antidepressants as seeing a psychologist didn’t help however after just one session with Rachel I immediately felt the depression lift and my anxieties around my health and relationship were gone only after only a few sessions.  Rachel has helped me learn to love myself and openly express myself which has helped me in my relationship where I now realise I don’t have to bend over backwards putting my partners needs before mine in order to be loved and I am now in a healthier loving relationship with the same person. I have a new found confidence which has helped in my career, I no longer have social anxiety and feel free to be myself around others which is truly empowering and my digestive issues are improving.  Rachel has been the biggest blessing and she has truly changed my life for the better.  I used to admire strong, confident and empowered women from afar and now I am one.

Anonymous, Executive Assistant

“My pregnancy was very stressful from the start. I was full of worry and negative emotions. Kinesiology helped me clear new and old stress triggers and trauma. I was able to recognise dysfunctional thought patterns and move through them positively. It helped me prepare mentally and emotionally for whatever lied ahead. I found inner peace and I believe it resulted in a beautifully labour experience and healthy mum and bub.”

Lara, Executive Officer


I first saw Rachel as part of my self care in the lead up to trying for a baby. Rachel helped me clear my own anxieties and emotional “hang-ups” so that I was able to approach pregnancy and birth with positivity and give my baby the best emotional start to life I could. Even with a previous Haschimoto’s diagnosis, I was lucky to conceive without issue and I continued to see Rachel throughout pregnancy. We worked on a range of my concerns, particularly fears associated with childbirth. Whilst my birth experience had it’s challenges I felt emotionally clear, strong and empowered the whole way through. I reflect on the whole experience with self respect and a massive sense of accomplishment. Rachel assisted me to overcome historical issues, current fears and anxieties that lead to an overall healthy pregnancy and positive birth experience. Rachel’s is so knowledgeable, professional and her approach is understanding, friendly and empathetic. I would recommend her to all women in the lead up to pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.”

Meagan Cody, Operations Manager

“I believe that people come into to your life when they are meant to and always for a reason. Rachel is no exception. I found Rachel at an all-time low in my life; I had just found out that I hadn’t fallen pregnant from a recently frozen embryo transfer. I was so sad and down on myself, but after my first appointment with Rachel that started to change. Rachel gave me the tools,  techniques, support and guidance to handle the grief and overcome the mental barriers I had created for myself. After every session with Rachel I feel as though a heavy weight had lifted off my shoulders, I felt lighter and more positive. She is a miracle worker. I feel like I’m ready to go through another round of IVF and I have to say a great part of getting to this point is thanks to Rachel’s excellent work.”

Krista LeClaire, Co-Founder of Together We Wait

“Meeting Rachel has been a truly wonderful experience.  She has helped me through a very difficult period covering grief and ongoing emotional stress.  Immediately upon meeting her you are put at ease and feel comfortable within her presence, which can be difficult when discussing sensitive matters.  Rachel’s continued help and guidance has helped me immensely and I am seeing positive effects in both my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Rachel to my friends and know others who speak highly of her also”.

Laura, Director

“When I first saw Rachel I was in a state of crisis. I was in a vicious cycle of not sleeping and experiencing high anxiety, which led to other issues. My sleep improved significantly after just one session and there was also an immediate reduction in my level of anxiety as well as peri-menopausal/ menopausal symptoms. Rachel helped me physically, mentally and emotionally. I gained new pain management techniques, have improved focus and am better able to manage anxiety. I am so grateful for the treatment and support Rachel gave me. I strongly encourage anyone who wants to improve their quality of life to contact Rachel!”

Anonymous, People Development Manager


“Following an emotional break down of a new relationship with added challenges of being a single Mum, I felt extremely confused and overwhelmed as though I was sinking and going backwards. After several unsuccessful attempts with counsellors and self-help books, Rachel provided me with the tools to overcome the past (guilt, grief, regret, worry) but also move forward with newfound clarity, self-awareness and confidence. Rachel’s sessions have provided me with more than I had hoped for and I highly recommend her. “

Aleah Whitton

“I have suffered with depression and confidence issues for a number of years and have tried a number of different psychologists and counsellors that I haven’t found helped. I started seeing Rachel at the start of the year and have found her sessions so helpful and have never felt so positive and happy. I really look forward to our sessions and would highly recommend her.”

Anonymous, HR Professional

“I started seeing Rachel almost a year ago now. She’s helped me through so many everyday issues that a lot of us have: Anxiety, Relationships, Family, Health, Work; and most importantly, grounding myself and looking at life in a new light and perspective. I can’t thank Rachel enough, you really have helped me so much, and I’m so grateful that I found you.”

Nicole, Hairstylist & Educator

“After my first session with Rachel I was amazed how relaxed I was with highly reduced stress levels.  When I started my sessions I was feeling really down and stuck, not seeing the fun in life.  Through my sessions I’ve reconnected with my true self and am now attracting many wonderful and exciting opportunities.  Thanks Rachel.”

Jay, IT Entrepreneur


“When I first began seeing Rachel, my body was in a state of mayhem! I was suffering from terrible breakouts with my skin, my period was unbelievably painful (which had been the case ever since my teenage years) and I was experiencing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and anxiety daily. I felt and saw a difference after my first session, especially in regards to my skin. Fast forward six months and my skin is clear, I no longer dread my period each month and I don’t experience any IBS symptoms or anxiety. I cannot thank Rachel enough for the amount of compassion, empathy and patience she has shown me. Plus, we also always manage a laugh during each session which makes it that much more enjoyable. Thank you Rachel, I cannot sing your praises loud enough!”

Emily, Project Coordinator

“After my first session I could already feel a change in the way I thought of myself and how I reacted to my surroundings. Rachel has helped me to become a lot calmer and become more present in my life which has helped me with my relationships  with my family, friends, work and study.  I am much more connected within myself and am aware of my actions and behaviour and I can think much clearer after seeing Rachel. “

Tamara, Agriculture & Business Professional

“I am always trying to find new natural methods to keep me physically and mentally healthy. I went to see Rachel with the curiosity to experience a Kinesiology treatment for hip pain. She not only identified the psychological source of the pain but also helped to unlock traumas by introducing new healthy and empowering beliefs about myself and my perceptions. I’ve been recommending Rachel to friends and work colleagues as I believe we all have unresolved issues that impact our soul and body.”

Marcela K, Business Development

I have been working with Rachel for approximately 6 months and the changes I have felt in myself, both physically and mentally are amazing. Rachel took the time to really get to know me, and understand who I am as a person, and how she could help me reach my personal and professional goals. I also feel that I now know myself better, and have greater appreciation for who I am as a person. I look forward to continuing to build this relationship with Rachel and am so thankful for what we have achieved already.”

Michelle Wingrove, Project HR Analyst, GroupTech, Westpac


I have been seeing Rachel 14 months and I could not be more grateful for the transformations she has assisted me with. She really addresses the issue of what is going on my body, mind and soul. One of the biggest ways she has influenced my life is through my core beliefs. This is only one of many things that we work on. When I leave i feel so light, centered and focused. I have never felt this good about my health since my twenties and teenage years. I am so glad to have found her.”

Gemma, Stockbrocker

“Thank you so much for all the help you have given me! My anxiety has reduced by learning how to accept myself and not worrying about other people judging me. This was all achieved from your knowledge across so many different modalities and the genuine way you passed on your experience to me to help my development. Now I feel confident, loved, relaxed, able to express myself and go with the flow of life. This has changed me forever.”

Michelle, Disability Support Worker

“Sessions with Rachel helped me to manage my stress around exam time and life in general. She helped me to identify and break my stress patterns and self limiting beliefs. Kinesiology has allowed me to reconnect with my core self and realise my full potential. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to live a balanced happy existence free of fear and insecurity”.

Emma, Chiropractor and Musician