When I met Rachel I was at the lowest deepest darkest point of my life.  I had been dealing with multiple chronic digestive health issues, relationship issues and a dark depression that I couldn’t get myself out of.  I was ready to start antidepressants as seeing a psychologist didn’t help however after just one session with Rachel I immediately felt the depression lift and my anxieties around my health and relationship were gone only after only a few sessions.  Rachel has helped me learn to love myself and openly express myself which has helped me in my relationship where I now realise I don’t have to bend over backwards putting my partners needs before mine in order to be loved and I am now in a healthier loving relationship with the same person. I have a new found confidence which has helped in my career, I no longer have social anxiety and feel free to be myself around others which is truely empowering and my digestive issues are improving.  Rachel has been the biggest blessing and she has truly changed my life for the better.  I used to admire strong, confident and empowered women from afar and now I am one.

Anonymous, Executive Assistant