• Do you have a fear of failure or success that is keeping you stuck?
  • Would you like to feel more present, connected and inspired at work, even if you know it’s not what you want to do or where you want to work forever?
  • What would be possible for you if you could feel less sensitive, reactive and vulnerable at work?

We know how frustrating it can be when you are completely overloaded and have dwindling reserves of mental space to think clearly, especially if you are under pressure. When your brain tips into survival mode, the ability to find clarity and make good decisions can be compromised, which makes all areas of our work feel more challenging than it would be if we felt present & grounded.

If we experience excess work stress and don’t know how to truly manage our stress aside from avoidance, we can begin to consciously and unconsciously fear others expectations, failure, letting others down, being exposed and even though it may seem illogical, we can also resist or fear our own success. Since stress effects overall health & wellness and cognitive function, all parts of us can suffer, including mood, energy levels, memory and motivation in other areas of our life.

Under excessive stress for too long, a big chunk of your life and time, is going to be spent being overly serious, over-thinking & very low on joy; and even if you “work to live”, you might feel it increasingly difficult “switch off” in play time.


Discover How To Truly Manage Inner Stress At Work 

We can also begin to withdraw, dread and avoid parts of our work, and not enjoy our personal life as much as before, if we don’t have anything left in the tank outside of work.

When work stress begins to trigger anxiety, depression and overwhelm this can effect all areas of our lives. Sometimes reactions to current challenging situations and circumstances can relate to past negative experiences and fears we have of being attacked, bullied or treated unfairly.

How you feel about yourself at work can effect sleep, energy levels, relationships & overall health & wellness, which can all add another hurdle to achieving your goals faster.

Reach Your Career Goals Faster With Kinesiology 

As Kinesiologists, we are all about optimising your health and brain function so that you can be at your best, in all areas of your life. By attending to conscious and unconscious stress and letting go of past, present and future perceived stress, you will be able to become more present and focused so that you are on fire, motivated and in flow at work.

Key to performance can be how you feel about yourself, your skills, your position & your industry; including your past and optimism about the future. Since self-esteem and confidence is so important here, strengthening both of these are integral to a healthy and fulfilling career where you can strive for excellence, growth & prosperity from inner balance.

If you do lack presence and awareness, you are often in holding patterns such as working “harder not smarter” or perceiving potential illusions of vulnerability or exposure. What’s more is if you are running a million miles an hour, but you are not at the same time present, you often miss opportunities and insights right before you & you may more often than not take the stairs rather than the elevator.

Gain Greater Resilience, Confidence & Poise At Work 

By creating a stronger inner connection and sense of self, you will be able to connect with an authenticity that inspires others & maintain a strong sense of who you are, what you stand for and the true value you deliver in your workplace, over and above standard position expectations and accountabilities.

Addressing imbalanced feelings and perceptions will help you to move into inspired flow where you can set, achieve and conquer your goals faster.

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