• Are you feeling trapped, anxious or depressed in one or more areas of your life?
  • Would you like to feel more present, resilient and open & less sensitive and reactive?
  • Do you have pain, trauma or hurts from the past that you are ready to let go of?
  • Are areas of your life feeling stuck or stagnant?



The Connection Between Stress & Mental Health 

Stress and anxiety are very close friends. Anxiety & stress often dance together as anxiety involves the stress response and the stress response, emotional regulation and a healthy nervous system underpin many mental and physical health conditions. If you have a busy life and like to “have it all”, it can be easy to move through stages of stress without realising, especially if parts of your life or career are often out of your comfort zone. 

Since the nervous system extends through your body and captures all past signatures of unresolved or processed stress and trauma, using both a top down and bottom up approach to address all causes and consequences of stress is essential or your body will never be fully on board with your ability to rationalise or commit to reaching your goals, unless you address both. 

If anxiety begins to interfere with doing what you love, its no surprise that his can lead to not feeling as much joy or fulfilment & if you don’t have the foundations in place to create lasting health and happiness, you might begin to feel like your treading water & paddling against the current.

In addition, the consequences of excess stress for too long is a depleted state in the body and mind which reduces resilience and resources to adapt to and manage ongoing stresses and changes in our life. When you hit a point of depletion it can be hard to think clearly and then we can feel too tired to make changes and most of our decisions might feel reactive and our life starts to happen by default or according to others plans. 

The familiar feels of anxiety –  disproportionate worry, nervous tension, hyper-vigilance & paranoia are all part of a stressed out body and mind & when we can find inner balance & greater homeostasis in our brain and nervous system we can dissolve stress, threats & rebuild health, confidence & clarity. 

Consideration of a person’s stage of stress with their mental health is essential to returning to wellness faster & creating strategies and changes that address long term resolution and consistent and permanent changes in how they feel about themselves, others and the world.

Using Kinesiology, we can support you to understand why you feel the way you do & support you to create permanent changes over & above “managing” stress or distress or avoiding triggers of your distress. Not only will you be able to effectively identify your stress, but we have many tools, techniques and strategies using Kinesiology to dissolve the distress and threat sensitivity & not just open up old wounds or trauma by talking it through. 

The consequences of stress, anxiety and negative mood can be huge left unchecked. This also means that once you can find inner balance, the potential and opportunity for transformation and new possibilities are equally possible & this is where we steer you by using Kinesiology for effective stress management.

Many don’t believe that greater inner peace, confidence and self-esteem is possible for them,  especially if this has been lifetime or absent in their own families. We are here to show you otherwise & show you what is possible when you invest in yourself through Kinesiology  & managing your stress consistently with us. You will be surprised about the difference you feel after even 1 session. 



How Stress Patterns Arrest Your Mental Health & Wellness  

If you listen, your mind and body is a very intelligent feedback system that gives you information about your stress & distress in your life. Life is full of different cycles, challenges and changes and if we didn’t know how to listen to & decipher our anxiety and emotions to navigate our changes and challenges, we would be truly be lost.

Feeling nervous or anxious is significant and meaningful and is information to help guide you to greater and greater levels of inner balance & alignment.

Different emotions have different significance & different thoughts, feelings and behaviours have the potential to effect the body and mind in specific ways. When we become stuck on particular emotions, thoughts or beliefs this can lead to unhealthy habits, stress management practices and behaviours. When we can’t access positive or elevated mood, our energy and mindset often prohibits us from being effective or feeling connected with ourselves or others. 

When out of balance, you are consciously and unconsciously anxious or fixated about seeking external conditions or feelings (to feel or not feel a particular way) and at the same time you are avoiding “threats” or inner feelings (to feel or not feel a particular way). This is often very visible in addictions or impulsive behaviours (including le shopping), but many of us display this in different forms and on different levels every day in our lives. 


Kinesiology to Balance The Nervous System & Stress Response 

Are your nerves & brain trigger happy? Kinesiology balances the nervous system so that the flight fight reflex is not over-active  to threats about self, others or the world, whether this is in relation to the past, present or future. 

A superstar feature of Kinesiology is that it enables access to stress which is unconscious or outside of your awareness. When you stop and think about this, having access to this tool is incredible! Especially as for some of us depending on your stage of stress, your history & your current state of health and presence, what is unconscious could be running most of your behaviour or habits.

With each balance, this enables more and more of your inner resources to be available in the present, so that you can also have the will power and energy to meet existing and new demands, solve your problems and reduce the likelihood that you will automatically go into overwhelm or despair.

When you lack inner homeostasis or balance in your body, the following shows up: 

  • Racing heart
  • Shortness of breath
  • Digestive discomfort including reflux, constipation, diarrhoea & nausea
  • Poor energy levels or fatigue
  • Pain, aches and slow healing (muscle tension)
  • Low libido or a change in sex drive
  • Challenges getting or stay pregnant
  • Headaches
  • Metabolism & weight management
  • Disturbed sleep or insomnia
  • Frequent sickness and infections (weakened immunity)
  • Jaw grinding or TMJ issues

& again these can all add to a cascade of negative mood & the ongoing tension and depletion in your body, can lead to other issues personally and professionally.

Freeing up more and more energy and resources within, allows your body and mind to activate its own innate healing ability also, which is not available when you are in a state of exhaustion or depletion. Not only will you feel improved biological energy production, but if your energy has kinks, blocks or disharmony in its flow, we have the tools and techniques to re-harmonises it’s flow.  


Kinesiology to Balance Conscious and Unconscious Stress 

The effectiveness of finding clarity about what is the underlying stress underneath why you feel the way you do can sometimes be limited and bogus information if you are relying on self-report & what you are conscious of. All too often the logic part of the brain takes the back door when we are under stress & confusion can be heightened.

In this state, accessing the Kinesiology method of what is the problemo – is very quick & powerful! In addition, when you then dissolve the stress (not just describe it), Kinesiology has many tools and techniques to support dissolving the identified stress so you no longer need to “manage” the distress or avoid it’s triggers (i.e., predict and control the environment in new ways).

If your stress management only involves “rest”, avoiding stress or avoiding triggers of stress, you will be increasingly limiting your world and “comfort zone” this is extremely disempowering and doesn’t solve the underlying issues. You also might be discovering that you feel worse slowing down, being still or unfortunately perhaps even on the holiday. 

Since you can only compensate for avoided, ignored or repressed distress for so long, this will eventually be exposed & you might see interference in areas such as health, relationships, career, career & energy levels. Once you enter a depleted or exhausted stage of stress, any repressed Mental Health concerns, may surface as you no longer have the resources to compensate or pretend you are not suffering.

If you need support through temporary distress or anxiety, or for lifelong mental health concerns, please book in your appointment today or head over to the Book Now Tab. We can’t wait to show you how we can transform your life from the inside out. 


Including Kinesiology for Anxiety, Depression, Sadness, Confidence, Fear, Grief, Anger, Guilt, Regret, Relationship Fears & Stress, Crisis, Trauma, Bullying, Parenting, Parents, Life Changes, Relocating, Poor Concentration, Combating every day Stresses (e.g., Love, Relationships, Work, Study); and Performance (Career, Study & Creative: Focus, Productivity, Motivation, Entrepreneurs, High Achievers).