• Are you unsure about making the “right” decision?
  • Would you like to feel more connection & openness in your relationships?
  • Need to tone down your Fight or Flight in love?


Renew Love, Connection & Openness In Your Relationships

A consequence of being depleted, over-extended or stressed out can be relationships that are not as aligned, healthy & loving as we would prefer. When normal life pressures and challenges come along, it can be easy to take our important relationships for granted and not give them the energy and mindfulness they deserve.

Naturally if we have not developed or maintained a strength of inner connection too, we might find that our relationships are not as fulfilling as they could be.  Often the quality of love & connection with others is related to our relationship with ourself, which is why this one of my favourite areas to help Kinesiology clients with. Past stress and unhealthy thoughts and habits can limit our potential to be open, authentic and honest with others & can sometimes make relationships feel like a drama, comedy or horror show.

Separate from other normal external life pressures and challenges, if we also have not invested in building inner balance and to maintain this as a practice, there can be conscious and subconscious friction & tension that stops us from being open and honest with others & most importantly with ourselves.

Whether your relationship stress appears in love, with family, in the workplace or in business, the cycles of relationships – their beginnings, their middles, the ends and the in-betweens, all have different personal challenges, which can expose different underlying stresses for ourselves and others affected.

When we feel stuck and confused in our important relationships, this can be a big energy drain and also a source of a lot of potential distress and anxiety. What makes it more challenging to navigate is that the underlying stress can be very repressed or subconscious, especially if we are living at a million miles per hour and we have difficulties being present or have a history of painful relationships.

When out of balance, many people misperceive they are trapped or stuck with or without different relationships & this has the potential to influence all areas of our life. Most often relationship stress represents being “trapped” by your beliefs & distorted perceptions, which may lead to negative thinking & worry about our self, world and others. If this is not addressed as it arises, there can be quick building snowballs & we can become increasingly stagnant & misaligned.

Create Healthy, Balanced & Energising Relationships

At particular life stages the importance of a relationship might seem key for building all areas of your life and it may feel like everything is on hold until that part of your life is in order.

Romantic relationships are not the only kind of relationship which can cause great potential stress and heart-break when out of balance. Many find themselves in stressful work relationships, social/ peer or family dynamics, and these can be just as painful and devastating as a romantic relationship break down. Many become confused about what loving and being open means & this can create further stuck-ness & painful attachments if you don’t understand the full pathway to complete inner balance, effortless presence and an open heart.

The different cycles of our life and how we connect with ourselves and others, can feel overwhelming at times, as often they aren’t what we wanted, expected or planned for. A feeling of a heart break can come with any loss, even if it is only the loss of an expectation or a plan that hasn’t materialised yet, such as fertility challenges, meeting Mr or Mrs “Right” or reaching other potential life milestones. Humans are often master avoiders of loss, even though what can be gained through change would be infinitely more aligned and valuable.

Relationship losses and breakdowns are often under-recognised contributors to poor health & many know of others whose health has suffered significantly from unhealthy relationships. It’s not uncommon that heart break or a toxic relationship begins the health cascade of conditions and depletion in the body that won’t recover, until you address the underlying core of the repressed nervous tension, even if you are taking all the supplements and doing all the meditation & down-dogs.

Do You Worry About Making The “Right” Decision?

Long term relationships and the normal build-up of stressful life events in life are always going to expose differences between partners if there is increasing gaps in their self awareness, capability, inner balance and rate of change or growth.

Relationship break ups and break downs have the potential to be very painful and stressful if you hold on to distorted or unrealistic expectations of yourself and others through the process.

Kinesiology allows you to truly understand how you feel because you understand the nature of the underlying stress. Once you have clarity here, you can truly be in control of how you feel, rather than reacting to fear or previous learning and conditioning.

By finding balance within first, this opens up greater potential for love and fulfilment within you and also within your relationships, whether this is at work, with family, with your partner or simply staying connected and in integrity with you as you go on your dating adventures.

Most importantly this allows you to realise and connect with all possibilities for you & not become unconsciously stuck in a scarcity mindset. Once you’re in your funk, it can be very hard to realise whats reality, whats illusion and what’s the consequence of unhealthy thinking habits. Staying open and connected to you through changes, enables stages of building, strengthening or ending relationships to be much more peaceful.

If you can feel open to all possibilities, you can even celebrate calm ends to relationships  if & when the time is right & not feel attached to outcomes as your happiness & fulfilment does not depend on being or not being in a relationship or perhaps only with a particular person.

Relationship Stress Affects Balance In Your Mind & Body 

Life stress is always going to land in your body and relationship stress has the potential to affect all areas of health, including fatigue, digestion, pain, immunity, energy levels and insomnia.

No matter how self-aware you are, a lot of what influences behaviours is often unconscious or sometimes deeply entrenched & we don’t truly have clarity on why we feel the way we do below the surface & what is the underlying stress. If we don’t have awareness about what is influencing our decisions, then we don’t have true choice or inner freedom.

It can be difficult at times to see our blind spots but also equally challenging to deal with others we care about when they have limited self-awareness, inner balance or maturity. It can be very painful and distressing to observe someone you care about begin to close down and shut you out, become defensive or always blame yourself or others.  Some might even lie, manipulate or misrepresent the truth to avoid feeling insecure or exposed.

Under such stress, you might observe yourself or others to seek out “addictive” or pleasure seeking activities or other forms of avoidance such as nose-diving in to busy work schedules.

When people display these kinds of unhealthy or imbalanced behaviours, they often misunderstand the significance of why they feel the way they do and from this place it can feel near impossible to feel peace and calm from within & solve the underlying stress.

Until now ….

Discover Clarity & Ease In Relationships Again 

Keeping and maintaining a healthy loving balanced long term relationship is very possible, however you need to mutually have the capacity to be present, open and connected. If you can’t find this within yourself, it is very difficult to find this with others.

Results you can expect from investing in yourself & your relationship with Kinesiology include the following:

  • Feel fulfilled in an equally supportive & loving relationship
  • Overcome and forgive past pains, regrets and disappointments
  • Attracting & maintaining dream relationships
  • Increased clarity and awareness in making decisions
  • Feel open-hearted and at peace with commitment or changes
  • Re-building and refreshing staleness or stagnation
  • Confidence separately and together, knowing you have each others backs
  • Enjoy feeling secure & balanced in love
  • Open & honest communication that’s easy
  • Feel grateful for relationships in past, present and possibilities in future

Find Peace & Balance Inside & Out

It can sometimes feel very challenging to tease out what is what, if you have unprocessed insecurities, fears and excessive neediness that clouds clear discernment about what is right for you.

When there is a combination of personal insecurities plus relationship drama, at work or home, it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees.

Often relationships are first to be sacrificed when we are under significant pressure as we are hardly available to put on our own oxygen mask first.

When we are stressed out, it is sometimes challenging to feel love and feel safe to connect with others. It is also makes it much more challenging to communicate clearly, openly & honestly with courage, warmth & compassion.

Some challenges in relationships may be a consequence of unresolved stress, trauma or distorted perceptions of the past & often there is range of healthy and unhealthy ways different people manage stress consciously and unconsciously, which can can keep them stuck or make stress worse.

Some ways in which people “cope” with stress lead people further away from balance & alignment. Confusion created from misinformation, unhelpful learning, a lack of self-awareness or awareness more generally, being stuck in developmental stages or being in fight / flight (or a survival state) make it easy to stay stuck & confused and lose sight of the bigger picture.

We know of no better tool than Kinesiology for support in finding harmony & clarity within yourself and your relationships. Once you find greater and greater levels of personal alignment, you will be a like a magnet for finding a relationship you would love.

Understand Your Toxic & Unhealthy Patterns In Relationships & How To Break Them

Our frameworks and strategies are specifically designed to support these changes so that you can feel present (not living in the past or the future), in balance and in control of how you feel & your choices.

Staying, leaving, starting and finding a relationship are all best approached from a balanced and poised perspective, so you have choice, peace and true clarity about your decisions & can experience openly the joys of sharing and connecting with others.

Saying yes, no or no more to a relationship can be confusing and can come from a place of insecurities or the survival part of your brain.

Living from a place of imbalance or fight / flight can lead to feeling stuck and confused about what would be a wise and healthy choice for you & others. Using Kinesiology to transform insecurities into growth and learning opportunities allows you to truly be in charge of your life.

We love using Kinesiology for harmonising relationships, no matter what stage you are in. Whenever there is relationship stress with others, this is where your relationship with yourself, your self-esteem and confidence & any related imbalances are going to be put on display.

Being able to understand with clarity the sources of stress in your relationship and why you feel so reactive, sensitive or perhaps unenthusiastic around certain areas, gives you the opportunity to create healthy changes that will increase your self-esteem and confidence, rather than chip away at it.

Once you have used Kinesiology to create greater resilience, flow and awareness within you and your relationship, we can assure you that you won’t go without again.