• Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed in one or more areas of your life?
  • Would you like to feel greater clarity, motivation & open-ness?
  • What would be possible for you if your life was less reactive?

What is Overwhelm and Staying Stuck Costing You? 

How valuable would it be to you if you could set your intentions and goals and reach them every time with clarity and more ease? What if what was possible for you, isn’t even in your awareness right now? Over and over again I see that clients create their lives to fit their beliefs rather than their perceptions being connected with what is actually possible and their deepest desires and dreams. What if how your living now is just a fraction of the success & fulfilment that is possible for you & you could do this with more freedom and flow than you have now?

Stagnation, overwhelm and burnout are signals that something needs to change and if you need change yesterday then you are in the right place. Often stress and misalignment can creep in slowly or sometimes is the consequence of what is out of your control. Since change is always constant, always re-evaluating alignment and misalignment is a constant internal and external practice to be mindful of. Ensuring you stay connected through challenges and changes & stay present and open, is skill that no one was taught in school.

When you tip into survival or overwhelm mode, there is a lot of difficulty seeing the forest for the trees and supporting yourself to think in a way that will lead to solving the problems fastest & creating or manifesting your dream reality. Most mental, physical and performance challenges are routed in stress & your capability to resolve stress at the core rather than shuffling it on to a different expression or kicking that can down the road, will be the most powerful investment and asset you can have for life.

Physically symptoms of stress may include:

  • Racing heart
  • Shortness of breath
  • Digestive discomfort including reflux, constipation, diarrhoea & nausea
  • Poor energy levels or fatigue
  • Pain, aches and slow healing (muscle tension)
  • Low libido or a change in sex drive
  • Challenges getting or staying pregnant
  • Headaches
  • Metabolism & weight management
  • Disturbed sleep or insomnia
  • Frequent sickness and infections (weakened immunity)
  • Jaw grinding or TMJ issues

How you connect with others and how connected you feel internally can often be the biggest signals of a need to do some inner work. Lack of inner connection can display as defensiveness, excessive criticism, feeling closed & pessimistic, confusion, feeling sensitive, overwhelmed, unfulfilled or anti-social.

So often what leads to overwhelm isn’t what’s external, its what’s happening inside. If you would like your mindset, inner balance and flow to be stronger than missing your massage, run, yoga class or other’s poor decisions, then you’re in the right place. My methods and processes include a bottom up and top down approach which ensures that we take care of business from the past & the present and so you can create a present & a future you are in love with, as you integrate growth, inner balance and feeling connected on all levels with expanding out of your comfort zone.

As well as ensuring the foundations for powerful confidence, clarity and courage are in place, we will use muscle testing and Kinesiology, to access what might be draining or stagnating your energy and what can be out of your awareness or what you’re not seeing the full significance of. It’s never too late to get started & what I see as the biggest causes of staying stuck is simple but not widely known misunderstandings of the effective ways to create complete health and happiness in all areas of your life & what that will look like for you.

Having access to the pathway for creating complete inner balance and alignment & using the power of your mind, energy and a well-regulated nervous system is what creates that internal calm, connection and stillness that is life-changing so you can have the 200% conviction you will create & be able to change everything you want and more with more clarity, joy and ease than ever before.


Kinesiology can help you with Stress & Tension, including Performance (Business, Career, Study, Work, Sport, Entrepreneurs), Love, Relationships, Marriage, Divorce, Parenting, Parents, Life Direction, Perfectionism, Procrastination, Career Change, Creativity, Addiction, Communication, Weight Management, Money, Interview Prep, Life Changes, Family, Confidence, Find Your Purpose, Spiritual Development, How To Be More Happy and How to Be More Healthy & More.