• Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed in one or more areas of your life?
  • Would you like to feel greater clarity, motivation & confidence?
  • What would be possible for you if you felt less sensitive & reactive to challenges, chaos & changes?


What Is Ineffective Stress Management Costing You? 

Stress relates to any change that requires demands and effort. Stress can be positive “eustress” or negative “distress” and stress can come in many forms, such as being planned, wanted, unwanted, expected or unexpected – such as shock.

Stress, changes and challenges are all very normal unavoidable parts of life, especially if you like to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone often. It is not only stress that we are aware of and in the present that has the potential to interfere with our life and relationships. Even perceived stress in past as well as the future (note that this that doesn’t even exist yet), as well as repressed stress or stress we are not aware of has the potential to add to our load and put your mind, body & life out of balance.

Many triggers and memories of stress can build up over time & can still hold a strong emotional charges & have control over how we feel in the present.  Unresolved and imbalanced or distorted perceptions, limiting beliefs and emotional charges (i.e., baggage), can all lead to very destructive patterns that keep us trapped & create habits and cycles that increase stress long term.

Whilst the stress response is very helpful in some situations, often people are living in this state of unresolved stress 24/7, even if they are “at rest” as they have difficulty switching off & letting go of the past or the need to control & predict.

Manage Your Stress From the Inside Out 

If there is conscious or unconscious stress imbalances in the way that we view ourselves, the world or others (past, present and future); this sets up very obvious or sometimes subtle Fight / Flight or survival reactions in our body that can limit us from experiencing inner peace, joy & fulfilment.

Whilst some might not report significant levels of emotional distress or a narrow range of distress at the surface, some people are very clever and consciously or unconsciously “repress” or compartmentalise and pop their stress into their body.

Physically symptoms of stress may include:

  • Racing heart
  • Shortness of breath
  • Digestive discomfort including reflux, constipation, diarrhoea & nausea
  • Poor energy levels or fatigue
  • Pain, aches and slow healing (muscle tension)
  • Low libido or a change in sex drive
  • Headaches
  • Metabolism & weight management
  • Disturbed sleep or insomnia
  • Frequent sickness and infections (weakened immunity)
  • Jaw grinding or TMJ issues


Conscious and Unconscious Stress Impacts Your Mind, Body & Life

Using Kinesiology, we can support you to unlearn, dissolve and rebalance actual, anticipated and perceived stress in your mind, body and life.

With our Kinesiology clients, we are not only interested in reducing stress temporarily, but creating permanent & consistent changes that empower all areas of your life long term.

The more you avoid or dismiss stress rather than face it, learn the significance of it and overcome it, the more you limit creating a life you would love faster and opening up new possibilities. This often adds more fuel to the fire, as the potential for more distress & wasted time & missed opportunities increases. In addition, when we aren’t present we can be dynamite at making regrettable decisions.

Reducing stress doesn’t necessarily mean reducing or avoiding activities, commitments, effort or people. True stress management involves transforming from within & understanding the underlying significance of why you feel the way you do so you can be truly be in control of how you feel & make more aligned decisions that support rather than sacrifice you.

We are all about increasing opportunities & possibilities rather than running away from them. With Kinesiology, if there is alignment within, it is possible to feel carefree & poised within, no matter how much you want to escape the chaos around you.

Also what is most exciting about being in alignment is the endless synchronicities & magic that can begin to occur (e.g., being in the right place at the right time) to float you to your goals faster.

Discover How To Truly Take Control Of How You Feel 

Due to a lack of awareness and presence, many don’t realise that they don’t have true choice in their decisions & many are reacting out of insecurities and distorted perceptions and misinformation about pain & pleasure or what would uniquely create joy & fulfilment or negativity for them.

By using Kinesiology, we can support inner and outer changes so you can feel happy, healthy and calm in all areas of your life. By letting go of stress, inner conflicts & limiting beliefs you will feel more open-hearted (but in balance!) & be able to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level.

Using Kinesiology we can support to you to reduce anxiety, stress and overwhelm, so you can find harmony and balance in your perceptions of self, others and the world, as well as around the past, present & future. Having this clarity & creating empowering changes will help you to feel poised, grateful and manage your stress most effectively and permanently, no matter how big it feels.


Allow Unconditional Trust & Flow In Your Life Again

Your body has very intelligent feedback mechanisms and never lies with where & the types of symptoms that it expresses. Using Kinesiology, we can use this information to relieve nervous tension & stress to get you back on the road to wellness fast – so you can feel more and more radiant, present & like yourself again.

Using Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine, we can help you to digest, let go of & unlearn stress of the past, but also the future, allowing you to be fully present in the now.

Stay in balance as you grow & expand to reach your goals

Kinesiology is preventative and keeps you on top of your blind spots so that you feel strong, grounded & in balance as you grow through different cycles, changes and stages so you can create a life you would love.


Kinesiology can help you with Stress & Tension, including Performance (Business, Career, Study, Work, Sport, Entrepreneurs), Love, Relationships, Marriage, Divorce, Parenting, Parents, Life Direction, Perfectionism, Procrastination, Career Change, Creativity, Addiction, Communication, Weight Management, Money, Interview Prep, Life Changes, Family, Confidence & More.

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