“I am always trying to find new natural methods to keep me physically and mentally healthy. I went to see Rachel with the curiosity to experience a Kinesiology treatment for hip pain. She not only identified the psychological source of the pain but also helped to unlock traumas by introducing new healthy and empowering beliefs about myself and my perceptions. I’ve been recommending Rachel to friends and work colleagues as I believe we all have unresolved issues that impact our soul and body.”

Marcela K, Business Development

I have been working with Rachel for approximately 6 months and the changes I have felt in myself, both physically and mentally are amazing. Rachel took the time to really get to know me, and understand who I am as a person, and how she could help me reach my personal and professional goals. I also feel that I now know myself better, and have greater appreciation for who I am as a person. I look forward to continuing to build this relationship with Rachel and am so thankful for what we have achieved already.”

Michelle Wingrove, Project HR Analyst, GroupTech, Westpac