“When I first saw Rachel I was in a state of crisis. I was in a vicious cycle of not sleeping and experiencing high anxiety, which led to other issues. My sleep improved significantly after just one session and there was also an immediate reduction in my level of anxiety as well as peri-menopausal/ menopausal symptoms. Rachel helped me physically, mentally and emotionally. I gained new pain management techniques, have improved focus and am better able to manage anxiety. I am so grateful for the treatment and support Rachel gave me. I strongly encourage anyone who wants to improve their quality of life to contact Rachel!”

Anonymous, People Development Manager

I have been seeing Rachel 14 months and I could not be more grateful for the transformations she has assisted me with. She really addresses the issue of what is going on my body, mind and soul. One of the biggest ways she has influenced my life is through my core beliefs. This is only one of many things that we work on. When I leave i feel so light, centered and focused. I have never felt this good about my health since my twenties and teenage years. I am so glad to have found her.”

Gemma, Stockbroker