“After my first session with Rachel I was amazed how relaxed I was with highly reduced stress levels.  When I started my sessions I was feeling really down and stuck, not seeing the fun in life.  Through my sessions I’ve reconnected with my true self and am now attracting many wonderful and exciting opportunities.  Thanks Rachel”.

Jay, IT Entrepreneur

“When I first began seeing Rachel, my body was in a state of mayhem! I was suffering from terrible breakouts with my skin, my period was unbelievably painful (which had been the case ever since my teenage years) and I was experiencing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and anxiety daily. I felt and saw a difference after my first session, especially in regards to my skin. Fast forward six months and my skin is clear, I no longer dread my period each month and I don’t experience any IBS symptoms or anxiety. I cannot thank Rachel enough for the amount of compassion, empathy and patience she has shown me. Plus, we also always manage a laugh during each session which makes it that much more enjoyable. Thank you Rachel, I cannot sing your praises loud enough!”

Emily, Project Coordinator